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Welcome to the Free State PTA Convention! We are thrilled to have you participate in this year's event. To ensure smooth proceedings and accurate representation of your association, please adhere to the following credentialing instructions:

  1. Registration Process:

    • All attendees, including delegates, alternates, observers, and guests, must register for the convention through the designated online registration portal.

    • Provide accurate personal information during registration, including your full name, contact details, and affiliation with the PTA.

  2. Delegate Credentialing:

    • Each local PTA unit is entitled to send delegates to the convention in accordance with the Free State PTA's bylaws and guidelines.

    • The voting body of the annual meeting shall be composed of the following Free State PTA members who have registered in attendance:

      1. Members of the Free State PTA Board of Directors, and

      2. Delegates from the constituent associations:

        1. local PTA presidents or their alternates;

        2. council PTA presidents and other division PTA presidents or their alternates;

        3. three (3) members of each local PTA in good standing; and d. one (1) additional delegate for every fifty (50) members, or major fraction thereof, of each constituent association in good standing as reported on the records of Free State PTA as of April 1 of each year.

        4. Only the members who make up the voting body at the annual meeting shall have the right to introduce motions, participate in debate, or vote at such annual meeting. There shall be no proxy voting.

        5. Prior to the convention, local PTA units must submit a list of their accredited delegates to the Free State PTA Credentials Committee for verification.

  3. Alternate Delegates:

    • Local PTA units may also designate alternate delegates to attend the convention in case the primary delegates are unable to do so.

    • Alternates should be clearly identified and authorized by their respective local units.

    • Alternates will be credentialed only if there are vacancies among the accredited delegates from their local units.

  4. Observers and Guests:

    • Individuals who are not official delegates or alternates but wish to attend the convention as observers or guests must also register through the online portal.

    • Observers status grants access to convention sessions and activities but does not include voting rights.

    • Guests are individuals invited by the Free State PTA or its affiliates to attend specific events or sessions.

  5. Verification and Distribution of Credentials:

    • Upon arrival at the convention venue, all registered attendees must collect their credentials from the designated registration desk.

    • Delegates and alternates will receive official credentials indicating their voting status and affiliation.

    • Observers and guests will receive badges identifying their status and granting access to convention activities.

  6. Credentials Committee:

    • The Credentials Committee is responsible for verifying the eligibility of delegates and alternates based on the information provided by local PTA units.

    • Any disputes or discrepancies regarding credentials will be addressed and resolved by the Credentials Committee in accordance with established procedures.

  7. Compliance with Convention Rules:

    • All attendees are expected to familiarize themselves with the convention rules and guidelines provided by the Free State PTA.

    • Adherence to these rules is essential for maintaining order and facilitating productive discussions during the convention.

Thank you for your cooperation in following these credentialing instructions. We look forward to your active participation and valuable contributions to the Free State PTA Convention! If you have any questions or require further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact the convention organizers.

Credentialing Information

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