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2024 Road to Convention

Date: July 20-21, 2024 | Location: Maritime Conference Center - 692 Maritime Blvd. Linthicum Heights, MD 21090

Registration: Early Bird Special (Mar 4 - April 30) | $85.00 Members | $100.00 Non-Members


Focus - Ownership - Resilience - Collaboration - Execution

The Journey Begins.......

Join us for the 2024 Free State PTA Convention as we connect with PTA leaders, students, parents, and educators to reinforce our mission, outreach, and impact in our school communities to make a difference for every child. 

Our convention will be focused on how we can demonstrate that we are here for each and every child in our communities. To be here for the kids, we are also here for public education, and we want to celebrate the successes of our PTAs in making meaningful partnerships and connections with families, educators and community leaders to achieve lasting change that will help every child reach their full potential.

Families, communities and futures depend on the next generation. Let’s be here for the kids, support one another and work together to prepare our kids for the opportunities that await them!

General Information

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