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The Membership Committee is responsible for developing and promoting membership strategies and evaluating the effectiveness of membership tools and resources.

Chair:  Traci Tatum

About Dues

Membership Dues – Dues Notifications

Submitting Membership Lists and Dues

DUE: First payment due by October 31, and then each month that you receive new memberships (per Bylaws)

Membership is a year round program and PTA/PTSA is encouraged to run your program throughout the school year. 


Submitting your dues on-time is part of the Standards of Affiliation and keeps your PTA in Good Standing which allows your PTA to qualify for grants, awards, and enables your families to participate in the Reflections Arts Program.



Starting on July 1, 2022, Free State PTA offers its locals two ways to pay their State and National dues. The current price per member that is due to Free State PTA is $4.25.

($2.00 for Free State PTA and $2.25 for National dues)


Option 1 - You can pay by form and check. Membership form for local units can be downloaded.  



Option 2 - You can send your payment through Memberhub


How to Pay Your State Dues in MemberHub – MemberHub Help Center

If you have questions about MemberHub or Membership please email

Questions about sending dues to FSPTA can be directed to

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