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Free State PTA Seeks Qualified Candidates To Serve On The 2023-2025 Board of Directors: Nominating Committee Accepting Letters of Intent Through March 10, 2023


Free State PTA is seeking leadership candidates for Board of Directors positions, up to and including President-Elect, as listed below.  Officers are elected to terms of two (2) years, in accordance with the FSPTA Bylaws.

Eligibility to serve in a leadership position:

A. Each member of the Free State Board of Directors shall:

  1. subscribe to, believes in and supports the mission, purposes and policies of National PTA and Free State PTA;

  2. be a current member (2022-2023 membership year) of an active local PTA chartered by Free State PTA or agree to join the association promptly if not a current member at the time of election or appointment, unless otherwise provided in these bylaws with the provision that the board members elected or appointed in 2021 shall be members of a local PTA in Maryland for the 2020‐2021 membership year; 

  3. receive no compensation or honoraria from the association except reimbursement for reasonable expenses as set forth in Free State PTA policies and procedures; 

  4. have no financial interest, direct or indirect, in any transaction made by the association without the approval of the board of directors; 

  5. have met the criteria or be committed to meeting the criteria of service as established by the board of directors; and 

  6. reside in the state of Maryland. 

B. The two (2) directors‐at‐large shall be eligible for election based on membership, one (1) of whom shall be a member of a local PTA from an area supported by a council PTA at the time of election and one (1) of whom shall be a member of a local PTA from an area not supported by a council PTA at the time of election. 


C. Youth representatives shall be at least 17 years old but no more than 21 years old at the time of appointment.

General requirements to be considered for a leadership position: 


YOUR COMPLETED LETTER OF INTENT MUST BE SUBMITTED VIA THIS FORM.  If you experience problems submitting this form online, please email and

YOUR SUBMISSION MUST BE TIME STAMPED NO LATER THAN 11:59 pm Eastern on March 10, 2023. You will receive an automatic confirmation of your submission. 


If you don’t receive the confirmation, please contact and  within 48 hours of the submission.


PTA values and appreciates diversity and inclusion, which enriches and strengthens our association, as stated in the National PTA Diversity and Inclusion Policy.


Please forward the link to this online form to other local PTA units, councils, PTA friends and other qualified individuals. If you have questions, please email: and All emails will be responded to within 48 business hours.  

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