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PTA Day of Service

The PTA Day of Service is an opportunity for your PTA to continue that work and your service project will tell the PTA story!

Free State PTA Resolution on Civility and Kindness

Whereas, There have been many instances of incivility over the last school year in Maryland including messages of hate, destructive actions in buildings, inappropriate and bullying online behavior, and aggressive behavior at Board of Education Meetings; and

Whereas, The National PTA has a statement on expectations of civility that states “National PTA strongly condemns any and all acts of incivility, hostility, and harassment, and encourages our constituent associations to take an active stand opposing any attempts within their community to threaten, intimidate, and/or commit violence against educators, students, school staff and administrators, parents, guardians, school boards, community organizations, and policymakers with whom they disagree.”; and 

Whereas, Free State PTA believes that civility and kindness and instruction that foster these behaviors is essential in order for all children, staff, and community partners to engage effectively in order to further the mission of making each child’s potential a reality; and


Whereas, The National PTA asked that PTAs host a Day of Service  event, in celebration of the  Association’s 125th year. In support, the Free State PTA asks constituent PTAs to host a Day of Service commemorating the Anniversary during this calendar year which incorporates the message of Civility and Kindness; therefore be it.  


Resolved, That Free State PTA and constituent PTAs in Maryland promote civility and kindness in official communications; and be it further

Resolved, That Free State PTA and constituent PTAs promote and engage in civility and kindness in all their interactions in the community, before boards of education, within schools, inside their homes, with policy makers, as well as with partners.

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The mission of PTA is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.



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