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2024 Free State PTA Annual Meeting Rules

Proposed Free State PTA Convention Standing Rules (To be adopted by the BOD)




A convention name badge must be displayed to enter the general meetings, workshops, Experience Hall, other convention meeting rooms.



A. Cell Phones: Cell phones should always be in silent mode during sessions, meetings, and workshops to avoid disruption. Talking on cell phones is strictly prohibited during all sessions, meetings, and workshops.

B. Video Recording and Live Streaming: Attendees are strictly prohibited from using cell phone and/or tablet cameras to record audio or video and all other audio or video recording devices during the business portion of meetings.

C. Photography for personal use is still permitted.


Attendees not adhering to this policy will be asked to leave the room and delete all audio or video recordings already taken. Repeat occurrence will result in immediate removal and no access for the duration of convention. No refunds will be granted.




The President or President’s designee shall approve all materials, print or digital, prior to its distribution at the Free State PTA convention.



 The President shall appoint a committee of three members to audit the minutes of the convention. The convention minutes are subject to approval of the Free State PTA Board.



The President shall adjust the agenda as required for smooth operation of the assembly.

6. MESSAGES: No messages may be presented directly to the chair. All messages and announcements must be submitted in writing to a page or other designated person.


During the registration check-in process, each member of the voting body shall receive three (3) items:

i. Convention Name Badge indicating VOTING status.

ii. Convention Program

iii. Voting Card.

Lost convention name badge may be reprinted one (1) time only, at a fee of $5, payable at the time of printing.


When directed by the presiding officer, a member of the voting body, while remaining seated, shall vote by raising the voting card.

 During a counted rising vote or election, the doors will be closed, and admission will be granted only after the chair announces the results of the vote. No voting will be allowed outside the assembly room.



  1. Members of the voting body must display a convention name badge with a “VOTING” designation to make motions and debate. All motions shall be written on a motion form, signed by the maker, and delivered to the motion table before making a motion, except that no written motion is required for requests for information or points of order.

  2. Members of the voting body wishing to speak will go to the appropriate microphone, present his/her convention name badge with a “VOTING” designation to the microphone attendant, sign in, and wait for recognition by the chair before speaking. When recognized, the voting body member will give their name, the PTA represented, and the city and state of the PTA.                                                                                                                                                                                       

  3. There will be four microphones, numbered 1 through 4 on the floor. Each microphone has a specific purpose as follows:

i. Microphone 1: for proposing ALL motions.

ii. Microphone 2: members of the voting body wishing to speak FOR a motion or an amendment.

iii. Microphone 3: members of the voting body wishing to speak AGAINST a motion or an amendment.

iv. Microphone 4: for Parliamentary Inquiries, Points of Order, Points of Information.



A. The chair shall recognize speakers in alternating order speaking in the affirmative and the negative.

B. A member of the voting body shall be limited to two speeches of not more than two (2) minutes on any debatable question. No one shall speak on a motion twice before all speakers have spoken once.

C. Items of business, including resolutions, each bylaw amendment, shall be limited to no more than 20 minutes, unless specified otherwise in these rules. Extension of debate on any of the time limits established in these rules shall require a two-thirds (2/3) vote.



Primary amendments to a resolution or a bylaw amendment must be pre-filed in writing on a motion form. Secondary amendments may be made at Microphone 1 at the appropriate time.

A. Resolutions Amendments submission deadline is 2:30 p.m. EDT, Saturday, July 20. Only the “resolved” clauses of resolutions may be amended. The Advocacy Committee will edit the “whereas” clauses as necessary. Members of the Governance Committee will be available to assist delegates wishing to submit amendments.

B. Bylaws Amendments submission deadline is 2:30 p.m. EDT, Saturday, July 20. Members of the Governance Committee will be available to assist delegates wishing to submit amendments.



The Governance Committee shall be authorized to correct article and section designations, punctuation, and cross-references and to make such other technical and conforming changes as may be necessary to reflect the intent of the membership in connection with the bylaw amendments adopted at the Convention.



Candidates seeking an office or position shall abide by the policy on elections per Free State PTA Governance Manual.



Free State PTA does not allow distribution of materials or solicitation at our events by attendees or unauthorized parties without the express written permission of the President.



Free State PTA is committed to providing a safe, welcoming, and harassment free event and experience for everyone attending our convention. All participants are expected to behave with common courtesy and civility, and conduct themselves in a polite, appropriate, and respectful manner, including respecting individual differences and disagreeing with respect. Free State PTA does not tolerate incivility or harassment of any kind and we prohibit discrimination for any reason. If anyone feels harassed or notices that our expectations of civility are not being met, they should contact a Free State PTA Board Officer.

Free State PTA reserves the right to take appropriate action to address any individual it believes fails to meet our expectations of civility, including expelling the individual from the convention without refund and prohibiting attendance at future events.

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